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Good point Kelly

The old school of thought often applies here "if it aint broke - don't fix it"

Very rarely do the updates bring new features, more likey just to fix bugs!

It seems to be ok when an OEM is simply updating their software for their own hardware platform (i'd maybe call that an update?) but this issue is often disguised by people who expect to get the underlying op sys from Microsoft (is that an upgrade?) for free.

e.g. demanding PPC 2003 SE when the hardware was designed to work with PPC 2002.

That is a wee bit like expecting to get WinXP for free just because you currently have Win2K or Win98. Fair is fair and an "upgrade" path with a suitable charge applied is probably the best answer here.

Nowadays, as electronic goods such as mobiles, laptops, PDA's, digital camera's and TV's etc have all become more affordable, long before their useful service expires (and being a typical techie!) i tend to get fed up with or grow out of love with "last years" technology anyway - is it a man thing!

If i desired some new feature or device, i personally would much rather sell the "old" device on (in original working order) to someone that had a real need for it ...and treat myself to the "latest" when i can afford it - easier said!?

At least this long thread makes for good reading on a long and boring journey :o)



You dumbass, why would you make that assumption? That's exactly why I went with PPC over Palm etc. Otherwise I'd have gone with the mature Palm platform with ready-made apps etc. But instead, I invested in the future.

PPC can be an upgradeable, customizable platform. It being crippled by an OEM is irritating if you can't hack the hardware. Yay for ROMz and smarter individuals.

Mark Lambert

People are really stretching with this topic. The assumption that there is so much massive value behind being able to flash your Casio E105 with WM2005 is ridiculous.

Pocket PC hardware moves forward in pretty sizeable bounds. The hardware is typically obsolete along with the OS on it.

In a case of models that are on "the verge", like all of todays beefy models that can run WM2005, I think a for cost upgrade is reasonable.

Because in the end, isnt that what everyone here is really talking about? I mean lets be realistic. No one was pounding their chest screaming about not being able to go from PPC 2000 to 2k2 to 2k3 to 2k3SE that I saw. Of course among the super vocal Brighthand forums there are people in a froth over it, but the value prop between those incremental OS updates is, well, incremental.

WM2005 promises to be a much more significant upgrade. Significant upgrades are something that should be offered, for a charge, to people who own the hardware that can run them.

This *is* an OEM issue, for any one who is confused. MS would prefer to get the "better" OS into as many hands as possible to win the platform war, but they *need* their OEM partners to be profitable. The Smartphone space is MUCH worse with carriers being added into the mix along with MS and the OEM.


Regarding the statement...

"You dumbass, why would you make that assumption? That's exactly why I went with PPC over Palm etc. Otherwise I'd have gone with the mature Palm platform with ready-made apps etc. But instead, I invested in the future."

Sean, please read your own post again. Aside from your striking intellect and mature vocabulary, are you telling me that your 2210/2215 is now unusable and that you have not been able to use it since you bought it?

I simply stated that you bought your pda because of what it was able to do at the time you bought it. It may have added to your decision to buy it but that isn't THE REASON you bought it. If it was then you wouldn't have used it or been able to use it until the "upgrade" was available.

If you are now at the point where it is unusable, I have a friend who you can send your "useless" 2210/2215 to. Please let me know how we can arrange for shipping.


my problem with the Pocket PC software and hardware manufacturers is not simply the upgrade-ability of flash rom to newer operating systems but their maintenance of any information about these O.S. Nowhere in the MS or Dell or in any of their partners sites, can I find any any info that will allow me to decide whether my Dell Axim X5 Pocket PC V3.0.11171 (build 11178)is compatible with various CF GPS receiver devices and navigation software. I've been using my Axim for 3 years quite happily, but why can't I relate my O.S. information to any of the present platforms in some sort of overview? I did buy the Axim because of its hardware and software upgrade-ability. I now don't even know and can't find out, which version of Pocket PC is operating my device.

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