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Welcome Back!!! You have been missed.


Welcome back. I've always enjoyed the information I've found here in the past. Looking forward to the new site!

Tom Garrity

Welcome back Dale! You and the family are welcome to come over for Turkey!

Bob Mitchell

Glad you are back Dale. However, am I ever going to hear the rest of your report on your trip using the Blackberry?

Dale Coffing

Hey Bob... I did have a pretty complete report before the BIG CRASH....

And in fact I am looking at trying to get the newer model that seems to be the rage with the lower pricing and smaller form factor.

The bottom line on the Blackberry is I still carry it around but comparing it to a Pocket PC Phone Edition it really isn't all the hype that it is cracked up to be. I still carry it around so that I watch for the updates that Blackberry talks about to help fix the MANY issues with it. For me the email management or nicknamed triage is simply to inefficient on a non-touchscreen device.

Don't get me wrong though... The Blackberry solution isn't bad but I find it hard to see how IT would recommend BES/Blackberry over an Exchange/Windows Mobile solution.

george kotzampasakis

i m very happy to sea again your site.
You are the first site when i contact pocket pc.
I remember casio E125 AND MANY OTHER SUBJECT.

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