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I have used this keyoard for about three weeks. It is very easy to input informaiton into my PDA. I use a Toshiba E800 and a Verizon V710 to connect to the internet. I have had many people come up to me very interested in my mobile setup. Now my office information is always within reach.


Hi ! I have used both, the BT Keyboard and Mouse and had to find out, that when I'm using both products parallely you can't controll the mouse like you want to. Seems, that BT can't handle both device. I'm from Germany, so I asked my dealer to sort out the problem,so I'm waiting. Has someone got the same problem ? I would like to ask for your kind assistance.

Master O' Mayhem

I'll be there Dale. Good to see your still alive!! We need to do dinner again in the kitchen of wollenski's drop me a line if you need anything


Dale Coffing

Hey there Andrew! Steak is up at CES my friend.


Missed the info on this site! Hey, speaking of CES, how picky are they are the qualification to attend? I mean, I've written a couple online articles (one for this site, lost now, I bet) and I used to be a computer administrator (retired now). How can I attend?

Eric Hicks

I'll be there at CES too, we'll have to get something setup so we can contact each other and go out.

Tom Bombadil

I have the 2005 Exhibitor listings in several PPC formats, (SprintDb, HandBase, Pocket XL and .CSV), available for download from my website for anyone who may be interested. I update these directly from the CES Website about every 2 weeks or so. (There is also an Access 2002 .MDb as well).

Anyone interested can go to: http://www.softbyte.net/support/cesindex.shtml and download what you need for free. The DATE of the files shown is the most current date.

Justin Russak

Hi Dale,

I never removed the link from my favorites. I will be at CES Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th. Will you be speaking or at a booth these days? I would like to stop by and meet.

David Porfido

Hi Dale-

Glad to see the site is up and running. Can you shoot me an email, I need to ask you something regarding CES.



I'm looking for the pocketpcpassion's forum. A friend referred me to you. I am trying to get instructions on replacing the battery to my Audiovox Maestro 1032 (or e570). Can you give me any guidance?



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