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Here's a recent photo of me, taken 9/2/04 when I went with a buddy and his family to Maui as an end of summer trip this year. :D Let me know if you need a higher res verison (although I think the size should be fine), or if this link doesn't work. I'll leave out the HTML, cause I don't know if this typepad accepts it or BB Code or whatever, so you might have to cut and paste (or it might turn it into a link, we'll see after I hit submit).


As to how I found out about it, believe it or not I actually still visited the site several times per day. Listed under my "Pocket PC Forums" favorites subgroups I use the "open all favorites" on Maxathon (formerly MyIE2) to check all of them a few times per day, and sadly note that PPCPassion still wasn't up. At one point (in late August I think) I thought about removing PocketPCPassion, then I realised no way, it'd be back. And now it is, and it was worth it. :D

As soon as I saw it was back up I was so excited I immediately went and posted it on some relevant PPCPassion threads on Brighthand and sent it in as news on PocketPCThoughts, then I came back to read the multiple posts that were up and leave comments. :)

Although I'll have to move it to my Tech Blogs favorites group for the time being until it actually has some forums and such again.. Nice to see some of the old names posting again, I like Dave(Paragon)'s comments about remembering something about a PocketPCPassion.. Now I'm waiting for KimVette to pop up. Glad to have you (and PocketPCPassion.com) back Dale, you were sorely missed by a whole group of us. :)



Glad to see folks "moving" back in! :)


Nice to have the site back, found it a tad later than Joe :) nice to put a face to all those posts I have seen from you over on TG.


Haha, hey Dave, good to see you here as well ;)


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