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How do you like the HTC Blueangel? What flavor did you get (the XDAIIs, MDA III, iMate PDA 2K, etc.)? Positives/negatives? Overall thoughts/impressions (just a quick summary requested, no big review or anything)?


Dale Coffing

The Blueangel I have is generic and is very cool! I used the h6310 for about 3 weeks and ended up putting it back and using the Blueangel instead.

I love the high volume of the speaker, the Second Edition software (sideways viewing for IE) by the way it shows up this site VERY nice on the Pocket PC running second edition software, the high speed CPU, the 128MB of RAM (drives me nuts that 128MB isn't standard on all the high end models)...

The keyboard isn't all that great. I really like the keyboard on the h6315 compared to this one but in the long run I would rather just use my stylus and handwrite it. The battery life is MUCH better than it was on my XDA2.

The camera isn't the best but it most certainly isn't the worst of the PDA's. Of course you can see by my photo it isn't that bad... the subject is bad so don't blame that on the camera. ;-)

The WiFi, Bluetooth have been fine so far although I have had some lockups and I am not exactly sure what is causing it yet.

The VoiceCommand software (which I LOVE) is having issues running so I have had to turn it off temporarily till I find out what is up with that.

Overall I really do like having it and it has been my Pocket PC Phone Edition of choice.

I can't wait to get back my h4715 though to use along with my Typhoon Smartphone. pocketPCtechs.com is upgrading it right now to 128MB. :)

John Wilkerson

Dale! Your site (www.pocketpcpassion.com) has been hijacked by some adult website.

Jonny Stewart

*This post was deleted. Feel free to post but do it with decent language and respect for other posters* - Dale


The latest post on the main page is 12/17/04. Anyone know why Dale is not updating the main page?

Jonny Stewart

*This post was deleted. Feel free to post but do it with decent language and respect for other posters* - Dale


Dear Dale Coffing:

I need to ask you a Question (about a PPC Phone) and i dont wanna ask it in the public. Is there any way you can contact me or you in a way that noone sees?

G-d bless you!!



Just finished your article on the i730 Samsung Pocket PC Phone.

I have been looking at a product called The i-mateā„¢ JASJAR, what is your opinion of this product and the comparison of the two.

Look forward to hearing back from you on your thoughts regarding this unit.

I own a company in Ohio and am looking for a good unit to standardized our sales force on.

Also, would you put on a seminar and if so, what are your terms.

Charlie Weaver
Solutions Plus

Robert Boothe


Client was interested in an ipaq (price range $3-400). I tried finding pocketpcpassion.com to look at some reviews but couldn't. Can you suggest something?

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