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Glad to have the site back up Dale in one form or another! Hopefully at least some of the old archives can be recovered. Lookin forward to adding another interesting tech blog to my daily list to read. :D


Fr. Bill Kessler

Welcome back Dale! I understand your frustration as I try to get a system up and running again after a crash. I look forward to hearing your thoughts again!


Fr. Bill Kessler

Wayne Mahon

Glad to have you back! A lot of people were worried for a while. For a lot of us you really provided a great place for us to learn about all this good stuff ;)


Out of curiosity, what is the name of the blogging software you are using. I sorta want to do my own blog (for family, freinds, etc), but I don't even know where to start.


Jim Taylor

It has been a long dry spell without you.

I miss your old site especially your posting on your real passion....

Do you plan news and views or will the future be filled with blogging only?

Look forward to having your site to read.

John Cody

Hey Dale,

Happy to see you back on the web!

Good luck with the new site :)


Welcome Back Dale.

You have been missed.
Tell us more about your Blue Angel...

Dave Ciccone

Glad you are back Dale anything we can do over at DavesiPAQ to help let us know.

Steven 'fyiguy' Hughes

Welcome back...Welcome back...Welcome Back....

Dale good to see you back online and look forward for things to come!!

Jeff McKean

Welcome back, dude!!!

James Rudolph

Hi Dale,

I have a problem with my new Pocket PC Phone Edition and I think you are the only person I can turn to for help. I’m using one of the early production models of the XDA II, I believe they call it Blue Angel or Himalaya.
ROM #( 1.03.00 USA ) 9/24/03

I am having trouble using it with some of the add-on software programs I like. It started with Voice Command, which I was using flawlessly on my old Phone Edition.

The problem now is with my Bluetooth Pharos iGPS 360.

My XDA II will not find the com port to communicate with the Bluetooth dock on the Pharos Unit. I have called tech support for Pharos but still have the following problem:
• There seems to be no prompt screen to get to a Serial Profile for Bluetooth (to set Outbound and Inbound Com setting) on my PDA.
Under Start / Settings / System / Bluetooth Settings, there is no setting in my PDA to select Bluetooth serial port setup. Like on an iPAQ
• The pharos tech says I should be able to set it to Com 4, Com 5, or Com 7 in the PDA, not just in the Pharos Program.

As I mentioned I’ve talked to Pharos tech support several times and I’ve searched for answers at http://forum.xda-developers.com/ .
The tech at pharos told me there were many different versions of the XDA II. His apparently is a model for the Asian market and has a different,
ROM #; V1.60.00 WWE 12/03/03 and it works fine with his Pharos Bluetooth.
he is using his in the Los Angles area.
I have a model for the US market which is why I have a different
ROM #; V1.03.00 USA 9/24/03.

Here is some of the information I was able to find about ROM upgrades:
Source O2 to V1.72.187 UK

Links to XDA II Forum

Someone from the developer’s forum told me he thought you had to install bluetooth tools on all XDA II with ROMs under 1.72.
He linked me here:( http://bluetooth.i-networx.de/index_e.html)
Everyone on the XDA forum is either European, Asian or Australian.

Now that I’ve rambled on and on, have you heard of this problem before? Do you think I should try to upgrade my ROM or will I risk having trouble with other 3rd party software like Voice Command? Any advice you may have will be very much appreciated.


Wes Salmon

Whoo hoo! Dale is back baby! Yeah! :)

Dale Coffing

Hi guys! Thanks for posting and your kind comments. You guys are fast. I had over a dozen posts before I even knew the site was live. I have been waiting for a few days for the DNS to work itself out.

James, you might need to load the serial BT services on that MDAII. You can get it at http://www.bluetooth.jazztel.es/

I haven't tried it recently but that was the way I got my Pharos GPS to work on it. You can contact Pharos also to find out the correct version to download to make it work. I believe the one I downloaded was BHTools1012.exe which is one of the earlier ones. At one point the later version didn't work on the MDAII for some reason very well at all as far as GPS is concerned so I always used the earlier version which worked like a champ for me. If you have any questions or issues you can get it resolved at Pharos tech support.

Tek Dragon

Great to have you back Mr. Coffing!! You were sorely missed.

Kimberly Lazarski

Welcome back Dale! Many of us miss your site and I look forward to the rollout of your new one. :)

Cheryl Wester

Welcome back, Dale. it is nice to have you on my favorites again. I always wanted to know what devices you were playing with. Please, give us more info on Blue Angel.
Have a great holiday season, and I'll see you at CES.

Josh Bancroft

Welcome back, Dale! Great to see your new site. I subscribed to your RSS feed as soon as I got here, and I can't wait to be reading your regularly again.

You know, it was folks like you that inspired me to launch www.tinyscreenfuls.com - I always wanted to be like you, and Jason Dunn, and all the other figures in the mobile device community. I'm still growing, but maybe one day I'll have a small fraction of a following like yours.

Who knows - we might even meet at a mobile device event some day! :-)


Josh Bancroft
Editor - www.tinyscreenfuls.com

P.S. - I posted about your return here:


Bob T.


Happy to see you're back - alive & well!

Onwards in our computing, anywhere, anytime adventures!


Scott Michaels

Welcome back Dale! It's about dang time too! I'll stop by at CES and say hi. Keep up the great work (again)!

Udo R.

Hi Dale!

Welcome back, we missed you in Europe, too :-)

I'm interested in the blogging software so what's the name oft it!

Go on!!!


Dale Coffing

I miss europe too Udo! :-)

I will be speaking at 3GSM Congress in France this Feb. Maybe we could say "Hi" face to face.

The blogging software/service is at www.typepad.com It is based on Movable Type (www.movabletype.org) software but typepad.com provides a server.

Paul Colligan


Pleasure, PLEASURE to have you back sir.



Glad to see you back! Woohoo! Before it becomes an issue, you may want to look into protecting your MT site for comment spam. It will happen... And it's a pain in the butt..

Shane Martin

We here in the ATL are glad to see you back and look forward to getting the 411 on all the latest and greatest info!

James Rudolph

Thanks for the help with the Bluetooth Serial Tools.
I Down loaded Both and off the German site.
I could not get to work but seems to work great many thanks!!!

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