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The size of the drive on the new PMCs is quite a plus, but the capability of MP10 Mobile on the X50 and MP10 on the desktop has really impressed me. I got a 4G microdrive just for the media aspects. Thank goodness CF slots haven't died just yet. ;) Last night, for grins, I asked MP10 to sync several video files to my microdrive in the X50. I specifically chose a ms-dvr (the MS format recorded TV shows wind up in), and AVI an MPG and an ASF straight off my Panasonic SD video camera's SD card. All formats the PPC MP doesn't do. MP10 converted each to WMV, both in format and size (significant reductios BTW)and copied them to the video folder on my CF drive. When openning mobile MP10 there they all where listed in the videos section of the library and all played flawlessly.

It is going to take some time to really understand the auto-sync capabilities that MP10 has, but it sure has the promise of just syncing it in the morning and it intelligently putting on the shows you recorded last night, and pulling the shows you have watched.

Shame that Mobile MP10 is only offerred on select new PPCs and as an upgrade for few at the moment. It's impressive when paired with MP10 on the desktop. I wouldn't buy a new PPC just for it, but if you are in the market, definately consider it as a big plus, and if you can upgrade, and care about media, do so.

Sven, MS-MVP Mobile Devices

Dale Coffing

I Agree! MP10 is impressive when paired up with PMC. In fact I think Windows Media Center is what really makes getting a PMC the way to go to show off its real power.

Hey Sven I tried emailing you to the posted hotmail account. I am setting you up as a guest author if you like to post directly to the home page my friend while I am in process of getting a discussion board back up and running on the main website.


Finaly we have you back again ... One of the best pocketpc sites, and the most important, one of the most reliable sites is online again. Thank you for your good work to the PPC comunity, and continue, simply don't stop.

Portuguese PPC user.


Dale, hadn't got anything from you. sent myself a note by clicking on my own name and that went fine. You're not using OE again are you ;)

Dale Coffing

BUMMER! It is the blogging software that does it. Let me try a test.


We are in the same time zone dude, and that test comment was three hours ago. Doesn't it just pop up a new e-mail in Outlook when you click my name at the bottom of the post? Does for me.


So which would you recommend to someone buying a new PMC; the Zen, Samsung or the upcoming iRiver?

I am very interested in one of these, but I can't decide which one to get.


I am also looking at getting one of these. I have been patiently waiting for the iRiver model because their PMP-120 for factor is the bomb so I figured the PMC-120 is going to absolutely rock the house when paired with MP10 and XPMCE. I only have 2 questions... Most of my movies are in Divx format. Does MP10 transcode them correctly to WMV? I can't seem to find any reviews of someone actually trying out different formats to test the transcoding during sync. I also can't find a release date of the iRiver PMC-120. I sent them an email and just got a reply back today saying that they are shooting for a "winter" release and to check their web site for further details. Could they be any more vague?

Jim Slimton

Have you tried it with Napster To Go? You can fill and refill your YH-9999 with over a million tracks from Napster.


I Got the RCA Lyca and wasnt to hot when I noticed that the battery life was 4 hours?! So I am definitely getting the Samsung YH 999 but I am very curious what the battery life is on the Samsung please someone email me ASAP.

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