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Donald Burnettt

I was excited for you to tell me that this phone was available and on sale.. However I went to the best buy webpage for this phone and it wasn't there..

I also found this note in The Register that this phone has been recalled due to a volume problem.. My heart sank, because I was ready to run out and buy this phone today..


Dale Coffing

Don... the ad is on page six on the flyer they had in our very FAT ad section on Thanksgiving. You can see it on the BestBuy Weekly ads of the BestBuy home site. I put a clip of it up in the main article for you along with a link. Normally $300 and with mail in rebate and activation its $49.99. I wonder if it is an instore only promotion?

BTW; I have no idea what the register is talking about in.


They had recalled all phones due to something in ROM but they were going to change phones in stores with the new Rom Problem.


This phone is awesome and BestBuy has only phones with the new ROM in stock. Also, all of the original phones did not have a volume problem--mine for instance is great and I've not had anyone complain that they can't hear me.

Mike K

Nice deals!

Wish we had some like that here in Canada, but I don't think we get into the Christmas rush as early as the US. We should be seeing some good deals appearing shortly though. I'm in the market for a new phone...

I did manage to get a Dell Axim X30 for a good price off Dell Canada's site a couple weeks back. Didn't have enough to go for the X50, but the X30 is a nice machine.

I've even got it syncing with my *Mac* now (yes, strangely enough you can use a PocketPC with a Mac) ... will have to post my experiences on my blog soon - http://www.macfoo.org

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