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Marc Boudreau

...interesting. From the small pics, it almost looks like the hx4700, well that was until I saw the enlarged image.

Dale Coffing

I agree... I thought the same thing at first. The hx4700 is very sweet.

I am awaiting mine to come back from the folks at www.PocketPCtechs.com with a 128MB upgrade.

Dave Evans

I think they are the new i-MAC handheld running the latest Apple OS. Ok, I'm kidding. I haven't got a clue. :-)


B. Knight


I am looking for a software application similar to Palm Desktop for the Pocket PC. I don't want to use the company's Outlook because I don't want my personal info on the company's server.



Dale Coffing

Dave... the i-MAC handheld :-) remember in the old rumor mills when someone posted a rigged photo of one? That went around the block a while.

BK.. are you saying you want to have BOTH company and private info on the Pocket PC but you don't want the two to be intermixed? Or is it just certain things like the Contacts you don't want mixed?

Ed Hansberry

See Time & Chaos if you want a desktop sync location totally separate from Outlook. They have a Pocket PC sync conduit. http://www.chaossoftware.com/


try this link


it's an IBM system.


some spec info



I am about to purchase the new Ipaq. What is the difference between the 4700 and the 4705.
Mobile planet has them at the same price while pc mall has them priced differently.

Luis Gomez

Regarding the device used on the trading floor, here it's an article regarding NYSE & IBM: http://davesipaq.com/news/004308/ipaq_nyse_trading

Xiong Guoy

look like the Apple Newton to me, considering the shape and size


The iPAQ 4700 and 4705 are the same model. The '05 designates that the unit was sold through the retail channel. They even come in the same box, that just says '4700 series,' IIRC.

I have one, and like it very much. The touchpad is a bit iffy, I'd rather have the D-pad, but I can live with it. As a lefty, though, I'd like to string up the usability engineers at HP. The damn cover should be hinged on top, like the new 2700 series, or should be attachable on either side. Dolts. (Not to mention that you can't move the scrollbars in WinCE/Mobile. Whee.)

If you don't care about the VGA screen, the top end of the new 2700 series might be a better choice. More on board memory, smaller form factor, better ergonomics. Probably better battery life, too, but we'll see.


speaking of the Apple Newton! whatever happend to it? i was too young to know about it back then wen it first came out but i am itching to know more! any1 know if there is still any apple-based pda's in production?? i am realy thinking of swtiching to apple on my desktop and i thot it would be neat to have an apple handheld device to go along (not that palm and microsoft devices arent apple-compatible, Gates is too hungry for that!)...

speeking of apple, i was shocked to see just how much support and DOWNLAODS for apple user there is one microsoft.com. wow, im afraid to see the next big thing ins OS's:

Windows XP for Apple Computers Edition!

am i gone too far off-topic? sorry guys.. i just hate monopoly in the computing industry!

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