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Jim Taylor

I am thankful, in a material sense, for the ability to have the technology tools that I have to use in my world of work and outreach.

I am thankful for the ability to say and do those things that can be helpful and supportive of aging loved ones and others who are at the sunset of this life.

In summary, I am thankful to be on this earth and to be able to serve others. I am thankful to be His servant and the ability to give words of comfort to others at the sunset of their lifetime. I am thankful to have received His gift and to be able to share it with others. >-<>

Luis Gomez

I'm thankful to the many good and bad things that had happened to me in my life. The bad things teach you to be more careful, honest and to be nice to the people around you. And the good things I enjoy them very deeply, like my parents they are fantastic, my wife it's very special and techie like me, my dogs are superb. All thanks to someone up there which is taking the time to look after us all.

MS Mobiles

Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

Your fellow Bush supporter.

Tracy Coffing

I'm thankful to live with Dale who never ceases to amaze me with his technology knowledge! I'm thankful that he has not given up trying to teach me how to use my pocket pc!

Matthew taylor

I am thankful that Dale's true passion. Before Dale, I couldn't spell Pocket PC.


Hey Dale, I am thankful for a lot. One of the things is seeing Passion back on-line! Let me know if you are going to get the old forums restarted. The blog is great, but the forums are a bit more free form and better suited to open discussions. I understand all is lost from the old server, but if you happen to have contact information on Music Attorney, I am working on an article I would like his feedback on. Thanks!

Jensen Hearing

Hi Dale,

I'm thankful for the time you put into this site to keep us all updated with the latest news and your opinions on Pocket PC stuff. Really sad when each time I typed "www.pocketpcpassion.com" and it says "we're sorry ..." But I'm thankful that your site is back up and running. Very happy too.

It was through your site I learnt how to care for my iPaq - especially the one where you wrote about the naked iPaq. Thanks again for your time and effort.

I am thankful that you share your true passion online. Maranatha.


Thank full that there is no God .Its offical this site now has jumped the shark and sucks ass

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