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Wow being a preacher myself I am shocked you would play such games. This game promotes senseless killing.

Dale Coffing

No need to be shocked Frank... re-read the post again. I play the racing game.


Thought that was weird...


What the heck? A game is just a game - Halo 2 is no exception.
Preacher or not, whether someone chooses to play it, should not have anyone placing questionable assumptions of another's values. If Dale played this game, I would not get the impression that he is promoting senseless killing, or think that he would be affected by it either - those kinds of thoughts would not cross my mind ever.


Half-Life 2 walks all over Halo2. But I agree that anyone should be able to play whatever they likes.


I have a question. I used to have a link to someone where you could send your ipaq in and they would relace the battery with a more powerful one and maybe do a couple of other tune-ups pretty cheaply. Anybody have any ideas? Or is it easy enough to do myself? And if so, which battery whould I buy. I have a 3600 series Ipaq. Thanks!


Is this site dead now?

Hasn't been updated in a couple of months.

Phil Johannes

When is your web site coming bac? It has been since last summer, I guess you have given up.

Phil Johannes

No comments,no replies, from anyone or Dale himself. May as well delete this site from my favorites....dang...used to be a great Pocket PC site.

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