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This looks an intertesting phone but has anyone campared it to the Benq P50 which includes WiFi as standard ?

Master O Mayhem

dale have you been able to add a theme .tsk file? mine wont load it

Dale Coffing

M.o.M - I have mine in for an upgrade right now.... waiting for it to come back.

Master O Mayhem

Ok cool let me know how you make out when it returns from leonard

Jeremy Harrison

I am also thinking of upgrading the memory on the device. The imate Jam is an amazing creation. After having tried a number of different PocketPC and Palm based devices, this one is in a different category altogether. I have never been so taken with a device as this. The only limitation I see with it is the memory which I have devoured with just my primary produtivity applications. I didn't see the device listed on the PocketPC Techs web site so it's great to hear that they can upgrade it already. Did they tell you how much it would cost?

The other thing I want to find for the device is a belt clip case. The one it comes with is fine for storing it but doesn't give you access to its functionality (can't use it as an mp3 player very easily, etc). I asked Vaja cases and they said they didn't have specific plans to make a case for it. I am sure they will eventually (they have cases for all of its big brothers) but in the meantime, does anyone know of a case that is like the clip that comes with the iPod Mini? I'm looking for something that will hold it securely but give me full access to all of the buttons and make it easy to pull out when someone calls.

Anyone seen a belt clip holder like this that they would recommend?


can I get my i-mate Jam upgraded to 128MB anywhere in the U.K.?

Philip Hutchins

I have a new i-Mate Jam (compact) and I have been trying to load files (.jpg) from my desktop to the phone, I am also new to activeSync. I tried using Windows Expl. but it does not work. Any one have experience with this?
Had a SE P800 before.


re: loading files and jpegs.

You must give your device a name when setting up ActiveSync. When done, there should be a folder on the desktop called "'deviceName'MyDocuments".
Simply connect your device, sychronise, then drag and drop anything you want on your device onto this folder.

Hope this helps.


go to http://www.pielframa.com/xdaii_mini.htm for an access all buttons type case for your jam


You have the wrong specs listed. Display - 3.5", Transflective TFT-LCD 240 x 320 pixels, 64K Color.
This should be 2.8"?


HeY...wHicH one is better??....imate jam or imate pda2k....or....se p900..

help me!!!!!!!!!!!!


I read somewhere that i-mate had problem with FCC approval. Does anybody know what FCC mean. I'm looking at purchasing the product here in Australia... price is AUD$999 - anybody know anywhere cheaper?
I hope it's easy to operate for a novice.


I love the JAM! :-) I'm using a silicone case from brando workshop. It's ok but the screen is not covered like with their 1st leather case. I think brando has 3 types of leather cases, 1 silicone case, and an aluminum one.


What do you guys think of the retractable sync /charge cable and screen protector for the JAM at http://www.javoedge.com ?


i am looking to buy a i-mate jam phone could you please advise which network deal with this phone.


Hey nayone is there to help me? I am planning to buy imate jam, but confused that how much data i can save in the pocket pc, ------- please imate jam is better or qtek 2020.

forget about weight,not a problem at all.
I oftenly heared from the friends who are using i mate, that the window is hanging sometimes while in operation.
please advise me soon, so that i can sleep well.
thank you users.

Riyas A.Rahman

So usefull and I really like it. especially after i add 256MB.


i had my imate jam for weeks now,its great.esp the phonepad feature,u can now text one handed like having e real cellphone keypad.i added 1gig of mmc,believe me w so much things to install im running it down very fast.perfect device if not for the left out wifi,this would have been the smartphone of the year.ofcourse benqP50 will give it a tough fight.also i wished they placed in a 260k screen,man i love those screens.plus documents to go for pocketpc would be nice,no changing formats from pc to handheld.

faisal shahzad

what is prices i-mate jam
ok,bye bye
tell me kindly


I wanna buy a imate Jam... tell me where i`d find a link showin` me the best bargain..




I just got an i-mate Jam. It was purchased in Germany but I am using in NZ. Now I want to setup my GPRS settings in the vodafone network but I don't know how to do it. I talk to guys in vodafone but they don't know. If any of you has preveously configure these settings could you tell me how to do it. I just don't know how to do it. Any help will be welcome.


Holy crap those things are expensive!!! At least for USA customers . . . I mean they're neat - but holy heck $$$!!! The horror . . . the horror . . .

Adrian Bezzina

Can one write .NET CE applications in c# for these things?


It might be helpful if people explained where the are.
I have the jam badged as a MDA Compact from T-Mobile in the UK. On a £30 a month tarif the handset cost me just £30, yes £30. I am well happy. It is an amazing bit of kit. Uploading and downloading is a doddle and all the different themes available free online are cool. PC pocket games are massive and I am about to get a 1GB MMC card for it so why risk upgrading the internal memory?


In answer to adam:
Can one write .NET CE applications in c# for these things?
You can, and there is also Pocket C# a simple c# ide and compiler out so you can actually write and compile code directly on the device!

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