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Very nice! looks a lot like the Sony Ericsson line of Mobiles - I could see something like this being a great replacement for my current SE T610 and provide a good backup to my PPC.


WHOA! It's gorgeous. I had to put it as my desktop background. What are the tech specs?


Here's the specs on the version without the camera http://www.t-mobile.de/shop/handy/1,4855,2963-_3240-0-1-2,00.html You don't neccessarily need to read German to pick out the important stuff.



Would you be interested in sharing your take (insight/speculation/general thoughts) on the Moto MPx RAM issue? Many moons ago your preview of that device created a huge amount of interest in a device that many people have now written-off due to an incredibly tiny amount of RAM (32MB), especially given that it has wi-fi/bluetooth, as well as it being a phone. It seems like a blunder of massive proportion.... just curious as to what you might have to say about it.


I agree the 32MB projected for the MPx is really small. From what I've heard, the memory was limited in order to lengthen battery life. I still agree that not providing at lest 64MB is a huge blunder, especially after Motorola has had this product announced for a year now. Dale, thanks in advance for your insights.

James L

Where and how can I get a T-Mobile SDA? I've been waiting for it to come to US forever.



Does this site get updated much anymore? I used to love this place but man has it gone downhill. What happened?


Though I would rather not be quite as harsh as Kevin, I am sad to see that this site has been reduced quite a bit. I thank you for the great information that this site used to offer and will still continue to visit.


What happened to this site. This used to be the best forum around. Where else can I go?



I saw your SPOT watch presentation at CES on Thursday afternoon. I enjoyed your enthusiasm for the product....and the MANY devices around your belt. PTL.


On their website, they show the interface in German. Was English an option, or did you buy it from somewhere else?


Kind of off topic, but I just got a Nokia 6600 (Running Symbian) and its a sweet phone.



Dale, when you will publish new information on this blog? :)



i'm from germany and i'll longer my contract for 2 years and so i get a new cellular.. Just wanna to ask - is somebody interested in buying it for ~300$ to the US included.. or in exchange with an Audiovox STM 5600... - it's simlock free !


Tim Marman

Where did you end up buying it, and for how much? I'd like to pick it up, but it seems to be in the range of ~300-35 EUR, which is like $450USD now!

Otherwise, I might just end up grabbing the SMT5600 for $319.


I love your smartphone!! man looks so cool


I've used pocket pc's for many years but have been away for the last couple. I'm currently waiting for delivery of my first smartphone and was looking for application suggestions.

Can you point me in the right direction? I would also like to see what you consider essential applications.

Applications that I could use include a mileage tracking application with reporting functions. a 411 lookup type application, as well as a capable browser and email program.

How are the built in versions of the browser and email on the smartphone?

URL's of good smartphone fan sites would also be appreciated.

Are there any windows smartphone podcasts available?

Thanks everyone!


Paging Dale . . . anyone? : )


My guess is that Dale, true to his site's byline, is spending time with his TRUE passion; and doesn't have time for others right now. I certainly don't begrudge him that; He's right.

Sandy Milne

Dale... You've got it man! Your priorities are right on target. Hats off to someone (that's you) who can come right out and declare them.

God, family, friends...

I serve, I serve, I serve!



George Davall

*This post was deleted. Feel free to post but do it with decent language and respect for other posters* - Dale

George Davall

Not an attempt at being rude mind you, just concerned over the dying off of PDA's as a whole! They seem to be falling of everyone's radar lately?? Sad indeed. Of course GOD almighty is above and beyond any pieces of plastic , metal and circuit boards! Peace to all Praise GOD, and lease pray for our country! Geo


Good to see you back Dale!



Dale, Welcome back...I know this has nothing to do with the above posts, but a while ago you were recommending Avery self laminating sheets for PDA screen Protection....Do you still have an opinion on these...??Thanks and Welcome Back!

Brian Tucker

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Brian Tucker

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