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Scott F Williams

OK Dale so are you back we Missed you.

Are you going to start regular updates here soon?


Sweet device, been looking forward to it for a while.

Ditto on Scott's comments in the first post. ;)


Donovan Dillon

It's great to have you back Dale! Very nice, "Dale Coffig signature pre-view" of the Universal. Can you comment on performance of standard apps? I know the demo unit was pre-production, but I am curious about the speed and responsiveness of the unit. Thanks!



Wouldn't T-Mobile USA offer it since its a T-Mobile phone??



Just for your information. According to the T-Mobile Germany web page below, the HTC Universal is now called MDA Pro when released by T-Mobile there.


Thank you for your review, and I really envy you that you could try the device hands-on.


Dale, what about the hinge design? is it durable? also the swivel? I kinda worry that it's gonna get loose after a while, just like the slide-on keyboard on xda IIs.


Strange things in picture 4, a GPRS-icon and a caller volume-icon. I thought there was no working SIM-card?

Dale Coffing

I can try to answer some of the questions.
-Scott, my heart is to get a real discussion board going again. This blog doesn't allow for lots of things vBulletin let me do like keep track of responses like these or do simple searches in the threads.
-Donovan, the standard apps ran very fast based on my perception.
- JAmerican, T-Mobile USA has a history of not getting the same devices that T-Mobile Germany has. I don't know their reason for that.
- Marugorun thanks for the update calling it MDA Pro.
- Michael, the hinge seemed fine as far as a sturdy enough design but of course it will be the "weak link".
- Henk, good eye catching the icons but don't let that screen fool you. The icons look as if it were working but it really is "dead" unit. I couldn't make or recieve calls nor get a data connection. I can assume that it is simply a non-working SIM installed in the device? That is what Microsoft does at events in all the smartphones on display is to install a non-working SIM card.


I thought that it was bigger... I have to change my mind about this PPC... It looks really good


The design is nice! Let's hope someone puts Linux mobile and it will truly be a dream machine.


i hate to rude but can u tell us about the full specs for the machine like apps processor memory camera resolution for both


earl e adopter

Are they going to offer a version compatible with CDMA/Ev-DO?


will it be available on standard t-mobile gsm here in the uk, or woill be exclusively for 3G. i sincerely hope NOT the latter.

thanks and superb review


First, my opinion as far as USA goes, I would say it would have to be released on T-Mobile US if released in US at all because its a triband device (assuming it uses 900/1800/1900), otherwise they would have to make a whole new device for Cingular to include the 850 band as that is what most of Cingular uses.

Second, does anyone know what processor it uses?

Chris Leckness

Wow Dale, welcome back!

Congrats on getting to play with the device I am most ready to buy!

LK Chong

Dear Mr. Dale Coffing,

What a great preview.

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Dale, none of reviews so far have ever mentioned display diagonal. Is it 4"? Or less?


"I don't have the unit now for exact dimensions but it is less. Look at the photo comparision -Dale"


jblon - the HTC Typhoon is sold as various things in the UK it's the C500 on 900/1800/1900 and in the US it's on cingular as the Audiovox SMT5600 on 850/1800/1900 the hardware changes seem to be minimal. T Mobile in Europe sell a version as the SDA but T-Mob in the USA don't so I wouldn't be suprised to see it on Cingular rather than T-Mob in the states.


You click on the actual screen in order to go through the menus right? With an including pen?

What would you think that the estimated cost would be?

Is there some sort of screensaver when youre not using it? (A graphical effect for plain "fun" I mean)

Would you consider it as too heavy and big in order for carry it in your pocket?

I saw another model with silver keys instead, I liked that one even more, do you know anything about that?

So the quality of the picture was good huh? Did you see any actual stream, like a movie etc.? Maybe you said it already, sorry in that case.

Is it possible to upgrade the RAM if one wants to? I guess..?

Im really interested in buying this phone, therefor all the questions ;) .

********** 6/10/2005
Adam, it is like any other Pocket PC Phone Edition in terms of operation but Windows Mobile 5 software does make a few changes to it. You can read about ver 5 software at Pocket PC Magazine. All your other questions would be total speculation on my part about the hardware, cost, upgrading RAM, etc. Remember it is a pre-production so we will have to wait for some answers when the unit actually starts shipping.


And sorry for all the typos. =P


Yeah I know, I just gave it as a shot as its probably easier to speculate when you have actually had the phone in your hand.

Thanks for taking time answering though. =)

Im in Sweden and it will probably be released here under the brand name of Qtek in October or something like that.



Did you try to use it with one hand only? It lacks standard hardware buttons on front panel (Calendar-Contacts-Inbox-Tasks)? I mapped those to the functions that I use most on my ipaq (alt-tab, startmenu, close window, etc) and I am afraid that this device might be difficult to use with one hand (even with all WM5 one-hand developments).


Robert Elliot


1) Why no "normal" phone operation on the blank front cover? I'd have thought it would make sense to include a small screen, number pad & menu navigation keys so that it can be used as a bog ordinary phone with the cover closed. Nokia have a phone like this...

2) When are they going to make one of these things that has two phone tuners? Like most people I have a work phone & a home phone, and I don't want to carry two handsets (particularly if one is this size...). I can of course use one of those SIM-switcher hacks, but I'd rather have a phone that can cope with both being able to receive calls and allow me to choose which network I call on without needing to switch it on and off.

3) Hard drives are just emerging for PDAs... OK, probably a big size issue but again, I want a real all in one solution that acts as an MP3 and MPEG player as well.

Close, but it's still not the all-in-one solution I'm looking for - and if I'm going to shell out as much money as this wil cost, that's what I want!


Sorry, boys. I do believe that the first to get this will be Sprint, in the GPRS/EV-DO flavor....

Amer Kawass

Dear Sir,

Hope your doing fine, kindly advise when this mobile will be available in the Middle East market.

Best regards,

Amer Kawass

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