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Ooh, pretty..


Nice....do u have any idea when the i750 will be out? As in malaysia they dun support CDMA

********** 6/24/05
I can only tell you what I know about the VerizonWireless version of the i730. I have heard that it is out now to the B2B channel and the retail is estimated around July 7.

-Dale Coffing


is it able to run skype pocketpc version and make free international call within the WiFi area??

********** 6/24/05
I haven't actually loaded Skype on it yet to give it a whirl but I don't see any reason for it not to work. I will try it when I get back in town and my WiFi network.

-Dale Coffing

Dave Evans

Hey Dale,.....Nice review!

You mentioned it may get a WM5.0 upgrade. To me this looks like a very good possibility when you look at the memory configuration with 64MB of RAM and 128 of ROM. This seems to be the popular config for WM5.0 devices, and those that are getting updates. With the 128MB of ROM it is definitely ready for WM5.0

********** 6/24/05
I have been running Windows Mobile 5 as a development platform on a BlueAngel device (the MDA3) so it kind of spoiling me to not have some of the advanced features on the i730.

-Dale Coffing


Treo's resolution: 480x480 ??

.....I wish ;)

*********** 6/24/05
oops! 320x320 I posted a similar comment a few weeks back and forgot to get my review corrected.
- Dale Coffing


Nice review, shame about the lack of a camera but hopefully a revised version will come out, being as I am in the UK this phone will not be much use but I am very much looking forward to the release of the i750. Unfortunately that only has a numerical slide down pad (why Samsung?) But it still looks great and may be a possible Jam2 beater. I think the i730 will win a lot of fans.
********** 6/25/
I think the lack of the camera isn't due to Samsung (there is a location on the back for the camera lens) but to Verizon not wanting on the version they want to market to the enterprise customer. I have heard that there are some real legal concerns from the enterprise about cameras being used where they shouldn't be which potentially opens up potential litigation.

Dale Coffing

David Wheeler

Does it support VzW's sweet VCast feature?

********** 6/27
Don't know the answer to that one.


Dale, any chance of reviewing WM5 on the MDA3. Didn't even know there was a WM5 ROM for the Blue Angel, can you provide details of where its from and if there are plans for it to be made available. Have seen HTC universal review and heard there was a ROM for MDA2 but thats the first time I've seen a reference to WM5 & the blue angel. TIA wayne
********** 6/27
There really isn't a WM5 for the BlueAngel. I am running a developmental platform only so it isn't supported. I have it because I show it at the various events that I speak at for Microsoft as a demonstration model of the WinMob5 OS.

As far as I know there hasn't been any announcements to having a supported version as of yet but remember it is still very early in the game.

John Halsey


Which Write Shield are you using?(Jam?)

Also, have you had any experience with 3rd party apps on the i730? If so, what has worked, and what has not.

Can you provide any feedback on the i730 + Pharo GPS? Any problems? Have you tried others?

I'm glad to see you back on the web. I was a big fan of your old site.


********** 6/27
I am using the JAM size right now but it is ever so slightly just a bit too small. It is better than not having anything so until they get a new special cut for the i730 that is the one I put on.

I have the Pharos Ostia loaded on the device right now and it is working OK. I use it in the landscape mode along with the Pharos Bluetooth GPS receiver. I took a photo of it and posted it in the article from TechEd when I was showing it off in Orlando earlier this month. http://dalecoffing.typepad.com/.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/photo_060905_010.jpg

I haven't loaded other GPS apps on the i730 just yet but I will. I love the GPS software by CoPilot, Destinator just to name a few.

Rob Royse


Is it true that in their infinite wisdom, those knuckleheads at Verizon have crippled yet another bluetooth implementation and have removed for support for DUN via Bluetooth? This phone would be PERFECT if it permitted use of EVDO speeds for your laptop through the phone.

I hope this isn't the case, but if it is, that will be the sole reason I won't buy this device...

Oh well, I guess there is always the HTC Universal to wait for... :)




Dale, how is screen visibility in sunlight?

It's good to hear from you once again.


********* 6/27
It is readable in sunlight although certainly not as nice as being in shade or indoors.

Ian Argent

As far as Bluetooth DUN on EVDO - Bluetooth is a read chokepoint for it. I've used the Harrier (XV6600) as a BT DUN modem in an EVDO area, and only got 200-300 bps at max, much less than using the same device as a USB-tethered modem.


what do you mean when you say the included sync app makes it confusing when using Exchange 2003 Activesync? I am planning on getting one of these devices next week and plan to use the Always Up-to-date AUTD feature of Exchange 2003 and Activesync.. this feature, as you may know, requires sending a txt msg for every update, yet Verizon charges $$$ for txt msgs.. have they addressed this issue?? or, will I need to also pay $$$ for a txt msg package from Verizon?? Any idea. Thankfully, my current provider, Cingular, includes 1500 txt msgs with their unlimited pda internet package.

craig nielsen

How long does it usually take before another carrier, like Cingular, releases a new PDA like the Samsung i730?




Great review. I noticed you mentioned in the update about questionable battery life. What is your latest opinion on battery life versus the Jam for example? Thanks.

Carlo Smith

The I700 / I730 and any other Pocket PC device does not support VCAST. As far as I know it doesnt support EMS either.

I love this phone, but am discouraged from getting it, since i currently have the i700 and can add whatever capability via SD, and it has the camera. The version VW is releasing has removed the camera (1.3 Mega Pixels) and some WiFi functionality... It in effect should prevent you from using Skype to make calls.

again..an SD card will take care of that...

VW removed Reduced memory, a TV tuner & video capture capability from the i700 (i found then apps installed and tested). I wonder what they removed from the i730.

I love this phone, but I still want my camera ... sticking with the i700 and may later switch to a none VW modified version of the i730.

John Blasdell

A couple of questions on connectivity, since VZW has crippled Bluetooth:
1. How is the Wi-Fi? Can you connect to EV-DO network, then connect to a notebook in Ad-hoc mode?
2. If you try to connect this device to a notebook via cable, is the connector on the phone USB or something open, or is it a proprietary connector (may not find anything with this special connector)?


Hello Dale ,

Thank you for the nice review.

I was very interested with the i730 until I saw on a user reviews that you can't receive phone calls when you are browsing the internet ??!!!

I'm pasting you the user review

"I was waiting for this phone forever. It seemed to be the perfect blend of PDA, phone, fast internet browsing. -- Now that I have it, I discovered that Wi-Fi and the phone networks (voice, CDMA 1X, and EV-DO) CANNOT BE ON AT THE SAME TIME!! You have to turn one off to use the other. So if you're surfing with Wi-Fi or EV-DO, you can't receive phone calls!!!!

Is that the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard??!?!?!?!?!?! My RAZR can surf the net and get calls!

What a shame "

Is that true?

Thank you for your answer...


Dave McCombs

It all depends on the radio. Most devices have a class B ( I believe, I could be wrong on the classification) radio. That means that when a call comes in, wireless is suspended as it cannot do both at the same time. I have never had to turn off the wireless however.

Lee Walton

The AUTD feature of Exchange 2003, will be superceded by the push technology of Exchange 2003 SP2. Watch out Blackberry!

Adrienne Abbott

Small is good, but how's the screen on aging Baby-Boomer eyes? Can I set the font big enough to read without my glasses?

todd stewart

Samsung i730

I want to use my phone to access websites, that require popup login screens. Can this be use to access them or can I connect it to a laptop in the field?



I don't see the pic posted on your site but someone posted one on another site showing the I730 working with a bluetooth GPS unit (http://www.pdaphonehome.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=49522&highlight=dale+i730) and said they got the picture off of your site. I was wondering what GPS software and version(TomTom??) were you running and if you had to do anything special to install the software. You can email me as well if you like. Thanks!



Thanks for the review. My main concern is one-handed use. With the Treo I can check email, browse the web, and access contacts and my calender one-handed without the stylus. How easy is this to do on the i730?

I know that one-handed operability will be greatly improved in WM 5. Do you have any knowledge of a plan to bring WM 5 to the i730?


Kenneth H. Cho, M.D.

Thanks for a great review. Thanks especially for explaining the Picsel browser. I've been playing with my new i730 today, and didn't know what Picsel was. You are right, it really helps with web-browsing. Overall, this is an amazing device! The screen is sharp though small, browsing the internet over EVDO is very easy, especially with the Picsel browser, and the Voice Command is very good. A couple of issues, though. It is true that you cannot receive calls while surfing the web. Also, my Motorola HS810 bluetooth headset does not operate as smoothly as is did with my Motorola V710. I like to keep it off (boom mic closed) until the phone rings, then open the headset. On my V710, it would automatically connect to the phone and answer the call. This doesn't work with the i730, so I guess I'll have to keep my bluetooth headset on at all times. All in all, though, if I can get my workplace to approve the wireless sync software for their exchange server, I'll have a cellphone, PDA, and Blackberry all in one device, plus broadband wireless websurfing anywhere, anytime. This is by far the best integrated device on the market!
If your workplace uses Exchange 2003 it is all built in already. If they use an older versioin it might be a good option to have the Exchange upgraded?

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