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I gave up my tmobile pocket pc phone edition for the Hp 6315 which besides the bluetooth was no better in my opinion and now gave up the Hp 6315 to the samsung and must say that this is the best mobile device I have ever owned. The verizon internet is way faster than tmobiles, and the device itself is way faster than both of tmobiles pocket pc devices. Also, its not embarassing when you put the phone up to your ear because its actually looks like a phone and not a TI 86 calculator. Late


Beware of MS Voice Command!
Voice Command is much more accurate than Voice signal but has a serious conflict with both Bluetooth and WiFi on the i730.
I had a xv6600 and it was fine.
Most support people at Verizon and Samsung have not been made aware of this.
I would love to swap them.

Todd  Hay

Great review. I have had the device for about 3 weeks and love it. I am constantly finding out more efficient ways to integrate the device in my daily tasks. Previously, I would use my phone (non-pda) without using the calendar, contacts, notes, etc. With this device, I am able to use the PDA and phone features together like dialing from contacts, taking notes while on a phone call (w/ headset).

One question. What is the latest SW version that is out there? I have:

PDA: S:i730.2.6V.YE05.15045
Phone: S:i730.2.6V:YE05
eBoot: 01.70
HW: H:i730.2.6V.Q
PRL: P:50350 E:50019

I check Samsung and Verizon website for patches that may be out there and couldn't find any. Not that I have problems with the current SW. But fixes are usually a good thing, especially for early adoptors.

Santanu Lahiri

Has anyone been able to use Bluetooth to communicate with a bluetooth equipped PC? I can get the devices to recognize each other, but I can not seem to define a connection via bluetooth. Every time I define a new one, it just disappears. This is the first time I am working with Bluetooth. SO what might I be doing wrong? Or is it just not possible to do this? I would like to see if I can connect to the Internet through this... I can use IE when it is in its cradle...


Wonderful!!!,i was desperate for info on this device.

To make sure..

1-so this is a pocket PC phone ,so i should be using pocket PC 2003 SDK for application development?

2-If i switch on CDMA ,the Wi-Fi will switch off ,but after this i switch off CDMA ,Wi-Fi will not come up autmatically???

3-Is there a way to know APIs to do mentioned in 2 ,via application.



i notice you mentioned you tested the i730 with the bluespoon ax. i have an i730 and a Sony Ericsson p900. the blue spoon is absolutely horrible with these devices. what sort of quality were you getting?

Dick Gorgens

Great Forum! I have been using the i730 for about 4 weeks now and the biggest complaint is not being able to simply respond to a SMS message sent in thru email as in to xyz@vtext.com After hours on with Verizon and Samsung, they all said it is not possible except with wireless-sync thru Outlook. The simplest of SMS phones let me reply directly, but not this puppy. One Level3 tech did slip and tell me that if I reply to MAIL as in 6245 on the keypad and put the email addr of the recipient in the subject field, it will send the message in 1 second vs. 30-60 seconds doing the Outlook routine. Love to hear any other work-arounds on this.


Love my i730 except when Synchronizing with activesync it keeps synchronizing my files over & over & over. It will go on endlessly syncing the same 46 files. This is probably an activesync issue but I haven't been able to find help on any of the usual sites.
Any suggestions!

ross davis

hey, is there anyway to download ringtones to the i730. I tried verizon get it now and samsung fun downloads and still cant fine anything about downloading ringtones for the i730

paul f

Does anybody have any updated news on the Samung i750 ?

I work for the UK DSG Chain: The Link and have been asked a lot of questions about this phone as well as me wanting one myself - Samsung press office wont tell me direct where its released but they do say that its not released in the UK but is likely to be released in eastern parts of europe ( sucks ). They are being a bit sketchy, anyways - anyone know something I dont ???


Love i730 But, having WiFi troubles. Works great on my home WiFi, but can't find my work WiFi. I have other WiFi working on both, so I know its the i730 - hearing spotty reports of problems with some routers - any official information - will there be a software patch for this?


I am having the same problems other have expresed with wifi. I am on my second phone now. I am unable to access my wifi networks at home and at the office. My Palm LifeDrive works fine and I don't have any issues with my other wifi devices. Has anyone heard of any pending resolutions of this issue?


I am a previous i700 user and no problems with activesync...when I upgraded to the i730, the first activesync went fine, but I cannot get activesync to recognize a "Connection". I have tried everything, unistalling AS 3.8 and reinstalling...any suggestions?

Larry Eitel

Just got mine yesterday. Loaded most all my PPC software. Seems very solid so far.

Anyone running WM 5.0?


pc pocket

Bryan Smith

The problem with your WiFi not working on your phone is that you need to access your wirless router software and enable the B band, or the G. Whichever, you have enabled...you need to turn on the opposite one instead. At this point, your Samsugn WiFi will work just fine. (I know because this happend to me on my Linksys Router)


Where can I get the gps goodies for my I730????

James Knox


You might remember me form your occupation prior to being the Mobile Guru you are. Anyway I just got these i730's for all my employees. We love them except for one issue. Seems the IE lacks in some areas. Unable to handle some logging in of secured sights like we could with our older black berries 957's and Erickson’s. Any suggestions? Any possible .net or java upgrades? OR perhaps a better IE upgrade?


Does anyone know when this phone will be offered through other carriers besides verizon?


I just got my i730, it is my first PDA as well as my first Pocket PC. I was wanting to transfer songs from my itunes to the i730, but I found out it won't play them. Is there any software that will play the format from itunes, or do I have to buy some software to convert the files before I load them into the i730?

Any help with this would be great.

J Peralta

I like TMobiles 3000 minute plan so I am looking for unlocked phones. It is my understanding that they work with any network. Does anyone have any knowledge if these unlocked phones really work with different carriers. I wanted to use the i730 with Tmobile. I looking to purchase it this week, if it would work with TMobile.


Does anyone know how to use picsel browser? I can open it and see the features on the page that opens, but how do you use it with another document as they advertise? There is no explanation as to how to use it. Please help, anyone.

J Phillips

Wi FI Hassles and Canada connections:
Pleased with my i730 at the office in Chicago then I bring the phonme home to Ottawa armed with the N.America plan. 5 hours of support later. The #777 data connect command won't work with the Telus carrier and the Wi FI can't spot my SMC router. Have tried standard and long range B and G, G then B.
Anyone know the anwser to these problems, I'd love to hear.

Hossein Mirmobini

Hi.I have purchased an I-MATE PC phone, but I dont know how to turn it off. Will you please help me? Thank you very much.
Best Regards


I just got a replacement i730 after numerous weird issues withthe previous one. To their credit, I got about 8-9 months of good use from the first one. The only problem now is that on the newer i730, Verizon has disabled **7284 (**PATH) so I can'u use it as a tethered modem. I supose this is Verizon's way of bilking even more $$ for duplicate access rights to the same network. Tech support says they don't support it (duh) and that if they survey my usage and see that I've somehow figured out how to tether it to my laptop, they'll disable my data plan... CRAZY! My software is:
S:i730.2.6V.YH25 and hardware:
H:i730.2.6v.Q eboot: 01.80
PDA: S:i730.2.6V.YH25.15045

as for Syncing with Exchange 2003, the way I have this working is to enable Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) for the user on Exchange, then input the URL and certificate of your Outlook Web Access (OWA) into ActiveSync. Setup a sync frequency, trash the bundled desktop-sync software, and you're on your way. When the phone works, this setup keeps me in-sync with the office by forwarding my email, unified messaging (voicemail), and FAXes (via PDF attachments) to my i730.

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