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Jason Lee

I was in Minneapolis on Friday. Noticed all that banners at the airport. :)

I was only there for a 5 hour layover though. :(


We are desperately looking for some software that´s running under Windows Mobile (5.0) that allows you to add handwritten comments (via pen on the screen) on PDF-Documents which are received as e-mail attachments and which may be sent off again after the comments are added.

Any idea or suggestion?




Tall order. I only know of three things that even read pdfs on a PPC, Adobe, Westtek ClearVue, and Ansyr Primer. The first two certainly don't. Ansyr says it supports display of 'Note'type annotations, but i don't think that is what you are looking for.

You can find them at http://www.globalgraphics.com/products/editor/primer.html and it seems they have gone to providing to OEMs and ISVs but you can still buy Primer 3.2 here and there on-line. Maybe they can help though.


Many Thanks, Sven,

I contacted Globalgraphics, but in fact they don´t supply enduser-licenses anymore.

But I´ll google for a download somewhere else.

In case you should come across another software, PLEASE let me know. Thanks

Keith Schmidt

I'm merely wondering if ther recent book I purchased..."How to do everything with your Dell Axim Handheld" will be useful with my new Dell Axim X50 when the book is mostly about the AX3 and AX5? Hopefully it will help me learn my AXIM x50 better.


a little OT

Hey Dale, been looking for your e-mail address EVERYWHERE without luck. If you see this can you shoot me a mail at the address above? I heard you're coming down to Dubai for Gitex?? Looking forward to hearing from you!


July 8'th since the last post, where did you go?

Elliot Lee

Dale, your passion "is with God," but I can't find any link that elaborates on that. What God is this? and what happened to the link you used to have, that provided further information?

Leigh Geary

Dale ! Can you give us more info on the i300 ?


Its now Sept. 14'th, and still no post since July 8'th. Is anybody still around, Hello...its really lonely here, and dark, HELLO!!!

Jacques de Oliveira castro

what happens with this site.....is it dead like the other one "mobile passion"?


this loser site is dead, get over it

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